Running a D&D 4e medieval tournament


Back in July, I ran a D&D session which consisted of a tournament of various games (like Archery, Dueling, etc) for my regular group. I hyped it up as a big thing in the city (Suzail), and it was dubbed the 'Tri-Annual Tournament of Heroes'

Of course, characters in the party are all level 7, and there's no way they're all qualified/ready for a tournament of the fame I'm describing. But never fear, I found a way to have a great session anyway...

So the party are all members/contractors for a mercenary guild. This makes certain quest-giving things easier, provides some structure and resources for the characters in the early game (Heroic tier). Also the guild is probably super-evil but has a good PR team, and many decent NPCs that aren't evil, and that itself provides some great opportunities for skulking and intrigue.

Anyway, so to solve the problem about character level and tournament suitability, I created a whole roster of ACTUAL high-level heroes to use for the tournament. Since the guild the party belongs to won the contract to provide squires, each player gets to roleplay their regular character, AND the hero for the tournament.

I created several ways that the squire can 'assist' their hero in the various games, and