Podcast Playlist 2020


There are a few changes in the lineup of podcast listening lineup. With the lack of commute in the past few months, my listening is down a bit, but I'm still trying to keep up with a few things when possible.


These podcasts I try to keep caught up on, and I listen to virtually every episode

  • The Sword and Laser - A Science Fiction and Fantasy literature book club, the Sword and Laser has been running forever, and reads a book every month, discusses books and book news, and talks to authors.
  • Reply All - Journalistic stories pertaining to the internet in some way. From origins of memes to how scams on eBay work. Tracking down an phone IT scammer in person in India, to diving into the world of creating propaganda by hiring fake social media users.
  • CYBER (by Motherboard/VICE) - Similar to above. Tech journalism, looking into hacking-related news, cyber warfare. Examples include iPhone hacking, election cybersecurity, penetration testing.
  • FlashForward - A podcast about possible futures, and the stories about technology and research today that might get us there. Things like living under the sea, taking a pill instead of exercising, or living through a pandemic
  • Our Opinions Are Correct - Discussion about topics relevant to science fiction, and usually an interview with an author. Host by Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz
  • Front Burner (CBC) - Daily podcast that explores one news topic in depth for about 20 minutes, normally with guests or interviews. Mix of national and international subjects, depending on the day.
  • Party Lines (CBC) - Canadian politics podcast, just about 30 min every two weeks (although they have some bonus US Election-related episodes as of late.
  • 2.5 Admins - An I.T. discussion and help show, featuring two experienced professional IT server and system admins, and a host who casually dabbles in it. Contains discussions of current news topics in the IT world, plus 'free consulting' the help segment.
  • 99% invisible - The show about the beauty of design and architecture, and how see it, or don't see it, or don't really see it

Selected Episodes

I listen to an episode of these if the topic (or guest) interests me

  • The Omnibus - An encyclopedic collection of strange, obscure esoterica and weird facts, hosted by musician John Roderick and Jeopardy G.O.A.T. Ken Jennings. Deep dives into these topics twice a week, which means I normally have to pick and choose carefully which episodes to listen to (since each episode runs over an hour!) Everything from lesser-known personalities of old, to the origins of common phrases or idioms.
  • Spark (CBC Radio) - Weekly tech journal and culture show, which has been running on CBC radio for more than 400 episodes.
  • Quirks and Quarks] (CBC Radio) - Weekly national science show hosted by Bob McDonald.
  • Decrypted (by Bloomberg) - Technology Journalism. Investigating and interviewing companies and people in tech, about topics like privacy, blockchain, and disruption.
  • The Future of Everything (Wall Street Journal) - Similar to 'Decrypted' above. Sometimes interesting interviews and investgations into tech and science topics
  • Every Little Thing - A call-in show for your obscure burning questions. The host makes a lot of great (read: terrible) puns.

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