Podcast Playlist 2019


Each day I use DoggCatcher on Android, and play over Bluetooth in my car. Here is my list of podcasts, sorted roughly by their priority (to me):

Every Episode

I (almost) never skip or miss an episode of these. I'm not always completely caught up, but these get priority after I fall behind or don't have time.

  • The Sword and Laser - A Science Fiction and Fantasy literature book club, the Sword and Laser has been running forever, and reads a book every month, discusses books and book news, and talks to authors.
  • Reply All - Journalistic stories pertaining to the internet in some way. From origins of memes to how scams on eBay work. Tracking down an phone IT scammer in person in India, to diving into the world of creating propaganda by hiring fake social media users.
  • Decrypted (by Bloomberg) - Technology Journalism. Investigating and interviewing companies and people in tech, about topics like privacy, blockchain, and disruption.
  • CYBER (by Motherboard/VICE) - Similar to above. Tech journalism, looking into hacking-related news, cyber warfare. Examples include iPhone hacking, election cybersecurity, penetration testing.
  • FlashForward - A podcast about possible futures, and the stories about technology and research today that might get us there. Things like living under the sea, taking a pill instead of exercising, or living through a pandemic
  • Spark (CBC Radio) - Weekly tech journal and culture show, which has been running on CBC radio for more than 400 episodes.
  • Quirks and Quarks [Segments] (CBC Radio) - Weekly national science show hosted by Bob McDonald.
  • IRL: Online Life is Real Life - Life online and the future of the web. Now hosted by Manoush Zomorodi.
  • Our Opinions Are Correct - Discussion about topics relevant to science fiction. Host by Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz
  • The Good Place: The Podcast - Hosted by actor Mark Evan Jackson, this is basically an after-show to the NBC television sitcom 'The Good Place'. Every episode has some guests from the show (producers/writer/actors) and they discuss the episode.

Selected Episodes

I listen to an episode of these if the topic (or guest) interests me

  • Q (CBC Radio)[Segments] - Interviews and discussions with host Tom Power and a guest, or a band, or music/media columnists. The feed I subscribe to is broken up by segment, so I can pick the interview specifically and not listen to the entire show (which runs weekdays).
  • Front Burner (CBC) - Daily podcast that explores one news topic in depth for about 20 minutes, normally with guests or interviews. Mix of national and international subjects, depending on the day.
  • The Future of Everything (Wall Street Journal)
  • Every Little Thing


I've had occasion to listen to an episode or two of these podcasts, when they really have a good topic or I have some extra time.

  • After On - Hosted by author and former tech entrepreneur Rob Reid, this podcast is named after his recent book, and each episode is an 'unhurried' conversation with a figure in the science, tech, or future-leaning industry with a focus on themes of the future like Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Reality, Medicine, Information, Privacy, and more.
  • Ongoing History of New Music - Alan Cross puts together fascinating stories about music history, from the origin of band names, to histories of different sub-genre flavours. Sometimes retrospectives on artists who recently passed away, or specific decades of music with a Canadian perspective.
  • LeVar Burton Reads - Short fiction read by, just guessed it: LeVar Burton. Normally science fiction or fantasy.

Serial/Plot Podcasts

When I have a long drive to do, or I really have caught up on everything else, these are some podcasts I've love to listen through.

I haven't had time to listen to more than a couple episodes of these:

  • Ars Paradoxica
  • Mission to Zyxx
  • The Adventure Zone
  • Acquisitions Incorporated
  • Within the Wires
  • Blackout - with Rami Malek

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